Use of Fonts and Typography Within Our Designs

Use of Fonts and Typography within our designs: Here is how

While creating a website, most of the times the Fonts and Typography are overlooked. We never realize the immense potentials of these two elements in the sector of designing. But experts believe that if correct elements are implemented and with the right technique, your website will get the right boost up in terms of expression. We bring here an effective guideline about the way you must precede.


Difference between various font and typography vendors

There are various fonts and most importantly, there are clear cut demarcations in their origin too. For instance, you will find differences between the fonts present in Shareware, Freeware as well as Commercial fonts. The first major demarcation is between their licensing. The secondary ones are discussed below.

Basics of Freeware Fonts

The fonts found in freeware are offered complementary for the users. However, you need to adhere to certain licensing rules and regulations of the designer to continue enjoying the offer. But, if you violate the rules, you might not be a part of Freeware anymore. A common rule is that you cannot redistribute or sell the Freeware fonts.

Freeware Fonts

Basics of Shareware fonts

The fonts offered by Shareware are also offered for free, just like Freeware. They are downloadable as well. But the twist is that you need to pay a premium licensing fee before you are finally entitled to use it. So, it is recommended that designers must understand this thin line of demarcation between fonts available in Freeware and Shareware before deciding to move any further with Shareware.

Shareware Fonts

Fonts of Donorware

The apparent impression of Donorware is just like Shareware. But the good news is that you need not pay any charge for using the selected fonts for your personal purposes. However, if you please you can always thank back the designer with a token donation if you like a font. But it is not mandatory.

Commercial fonts

Commercial fonts can be used for commercial reasons as well as personal ends. But it is mandatory to pay for the commercial fonts. There is nothing available for free here. You are supposed to pay even for the font up front under this category too.

Commercial Fonts

Differences between fonts on the basis of their types


This variety is compatible with a wide range of applications, such as all the versions of Windows as well as Apple Macs, though with some nominal adjustments. You need to download it, unzip it and use it. But you might face a few printing fixes. You need to load the fonts under this category in your printer software too, to get out of this fix.

PostScript font

This variety will give you the opportunity to rescale your fonts without losing any quality. They are also devoid of any printing fixes as such. But, the fonts might not show satisfactory results in the older versions of windows. So, your system must have newer Windows versions to enjoy its quality to the optimum.

Bitmap fonts

There fonts are created from matrix of dots or pixels, as it is technically referred to. They can be printed without any complication. But you will not enjoy the opportunity of rescaling them as that will cause severe loss of font quality.

Pixel fonts

They are also referred to as ‘small screen fonts’ as the primary purpose of designing them was to make them available for Website and Multimedia interfaces. Even though their primitive usage was restricted as TrueType format in Mac and PC, now they have been optimized for screen utility. A note of caution is that, restrain from rescaling them as that will hamper their quality.

Merits of paid fonts and typography over free ones

When there are ranges of free fonts and typography, a raging question for majority of you might be why to opt for the paid species at all. The expert graphic designers come up with substantial logic that focuses on the issue. What you must note in this regard is that quality is never the major issue here. The variety of colorful fonts and typography provided by the free vendors establishes that free options also offer equal quality standards. So, the basic merits of paid versions are undoubtedly something else.

Most common problem encountered by graphic designers while working with free fonts is that there are times when some free fonts and typography are devoid of the entire character sets! Spacing problem is also a critical issue for some of them, which is mostly found in case of commercial fonts.

The most pathetic problem of all in using the free versions is that, if you are stuck somewhere, you will not be able to avail any technical support. Basically, free users do not enjoy technical support. The resultant is that your go complete waste if you are not able to sort it out yourself!

You might also face critical printing issues. The reason is that some of the free fonts and typography are only available in Truetype style, which is not much compatible with printing jobs.

Since free fonts and typography are popular among most of the people, so you cannot deny that they would be accessed, downloaded and used by a majority of the users for their personal and commercial ends. Thus, it is needless to say that you cannot expect your website will look unique when you use their free varieties.

Who are trusted paid fonts and typography provided

All said and done, the demerits of free fonts and typography over the paid species do not guarantee that you will be happy with your desired outcome if you go for any paid service. Unfortunately, there are many paid players in the web industry, who will fail to give you satisfactory ends. Together, they will cause drainage of your hard earned money. So, our opinion is that you must always depend upon the ones who are backed with sound and knowledgeable customer support and have good reputation in the market. According to our view, you can leave your faith on OpenType fonts and Postscript.

Now that you have got a vivid idea on fonts and typography and how to choose the best one according to your nature of work, your website will symbolize the right expression you have wished to convey all these years.

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